Harmony Specialty Dairy

Harmony Specialty Dairy
Harmony uses only milk from the Harmony-Ho Farm. Their single farm cheeses feature traditional British and Welsh inspired varieties as well as many original recipe creations.

  • Abergele - Mild Cheddar Style
  • Abergele w/Apricot and Ginger
  • Abergele w/Cranberry and Orange
  • Abergele Portabella Mushroom and Chive
  • Double Gloucester - cheddar with a smooth texture, firm body, eggy and nutty flavor
  • Caerphilly - pure white cheese that is firm yet crumbly, has a flaky texture and a distinctive honey flavor
  • Cheshire - cheddar with a full body, loose crumbly texture, buttery salty flavor with a lemony finish
  • Cheshire Sage / Cheshire w/Sage & Garlic
  • Nut Brown Ale Caerphilly
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