2017 US Championship Cheese Contest

We would like to congratulate some of our great cheese makers that have made the top ten (10) of the top twenty (20) cheeses in the 2017 US Championship Cheese Contest. Top 10 cheese contest finalists include our own; Satori, Agropur, Saxon. Widmer’s, Marieke and Red Barn.

2013 US Cheese Championship Contest at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin on March 12th and 13th 2013. (Mike Roemer Photo)

2013 US Cheese Championship Contest at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin on March 12th and 13th 2013. (Mike Roemer Photo)

20 finalists for the 2017 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest

  • Sartori Company, Antigo – Reserve Black Pepper BellaVitano
  • Sartori Company, Antigo – Sartori Tre Donnes – a hard mixed milk cheese
  • Agropur, Weyauwega – Cheddar Aged 1 to 2 years
  • Agropur, Weyauwega – Cheddar Aged more than 2 years
  • Saxon Cheese, Cleveland – Old English style Cheddar aged 5 months
  • Saxon Cheese, Cleveland – Smoked Gouda aged 7 months
  • Widmer’s Cheese Cellars, Theresa – Traditional Washed Rind Aged Brick spread
  • Marieke Gouda, Thorp – Gouda Belegen
  • Marieke Gouda, Thorp -Aged Gouda
  • Red Barn Family Farms, Appleton – Bandaged Cheddar, Sharp to Aged
  • Mill Creek Cheese, Arena – reduced fat muenster
  • Meister Cheese, Muscoda – cheddar aged 3 to 6 months
  • Montchevre-Betin, Belmont – Trivium hard goat’s milk cheese
  • Zimmerman Cheese, South Wayne – smoked brick
  • Cypress Grove, Arcata, California – fresh goat cheese
  • Rothenbuhler Cheesemakers, Middlefield, Ohio – baby Swiss
  • Schuman Cheese, Fairfield, N.J. – Montforte Bleu
  • Schuman Cheese, Fairfield, N.J. – Harissa rubbed Fontina
  • Cellars at Jasper Hill, Greensboro Bend, Vermont – brie
  • Glanbia Nutritionals, Twin Falls, Idaho – Gouda with green olives and pimento

Cheese-Inspired Memorial Day Party Ideas


Memorial Day weekend is often considered the kick-off to summer. It is a time when people finally pull the lawn furniture from their sheds, start up the barbecue, and invite family and friends over to celebrate.

When hosting parties we understand that it can sometimes be overwhelming finding creative ideas to impress guests. So we have found 3 cheese-inspired pairings that will surely be a hit this Memorial Day weekend.

Mozzarella with Sauvignon Blanc
Our personal favorite combination is pairing mozzarella with tomatoes topped with tapenade and pesto while served with a light Sauvignon Blanc. If that doesn’t sound appealing you can also serve mozzarella with fresh olives topped with crushed garlic and olive oil.

Mini Flavored Cheddar with Pilsner
When making snack foods, add flavor to any dish by adding mini cheddar cheese to burgers, chicken, or salads. We suggest serving it along with a Lager or Pilsner to balance the taste.

Glue Cheese with Gewürztraminer 
Add blue cheese on your favorite salad, burger, or bread to add “richness and tanginess” to the meal. Pair it up with the Gewürztraminer to make the perfect summer dish for guests.

Click HERE to read other ways you can add cheese into your party this Memorial Day.

October 15th is National Cheese Curd Day!

In a recent article, Craig Culver (co-founder of Culver’s), proclaimed that October 15th is National Cheese Curd Day. And, we’re pretty happy about that.

We love cheese in all forms, from bricks, to wheels, to strings, to cut-outs. But, the cheese curd has always been near and dear to our hearts. Is there really anything better than opening a fresh pack of curds and hearing that sweet squeeky sound as you take your first bite? So, this Thursday, come and stop by our pantry and cafe and pick up a fresh pack of cheese curds to celebrate this great day. Maybe the boss will even give us a day off…