Cheese: It’s Delicious & Healthy!

No matter what you kind of cheese you eat, or how you eat it, recent studies have found that it will help protect against heart disease. Researchers at Penn State University have announced that consuming dairy will assist to counteract the downsides of eating too much salt. The study looked at the side effects that dairy cheese, soy cheese, and pretzels had on an individual’s heart. Results found that the sodium in cheese does not  have the similar negative effects as sodium from non-dairy products. More specifically, the data suggests that proteins and nutrients in cheese protect a body’s blood vessels from the outcomes of consuming salt, which is often correlated with high blood pressure and increased heart problems.

Researcher Anna Stanhewicz, who helped with the research, concluded that they’ve “ found that when our subjects ate a lot of sodium in cheese, they had better blood vessel function — more blood flow — compared to when they ate an equal amount of sodium from non-dairy sources — in this case, pretzels and soy cheese.” In addition, cheese is widely known as an excellent source of calcium and protein as it has substantial amounts of vitamin A and B as well as zinc, phosphorus, and riboflavin. These nutrients will help keep your bones healthy and avoid dangerous blood clots. While it should be noted you should always consume in moderation, cheese has proved through research to be a healthy snack or add on to any meal.

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